about MY photos

I am fascinated by the ways photography can document everyday life, often in ways that make visible that which is too often ignored. The still image, which I focus on in my photographic work (though I dabble in video), gives one time to think and feel in ways we seldom have time for in the rush of modern life. 

I am not a professional photographer, but have been shooting for more than a decade, since I first picked up my parents' old Minolta Maxxum film SLR in 2005 in a high school photography course. I switched to digital in 2009, but have recently begun experimenting again with an old Praktica manual SLR that I inherited from my uncle - precisely because it forces me to slow back down.

I shoot mainly in the photojournalistic mode, and aspire for my photography to tell stories about people and places I visit. 

I am willing to donate prints to social justice causes. If you would like one, please get in touch.